weed weed pussy & the beatles

"unfollow me"

well well well

1 month later and I have 643 quadringentillion new followers, exactly

you are all a bunch of little freedom fighters aren’t you

well that’s right. fuck assimilation. you tell em. do what you want, not what the man tells you get the fuck off my blog

got dang it unfollow me

btw i dont post here anymore so you might as well unfollow me im just really drunk and love all of you so yep bye i dreamed a dream and ate tacos

guys how many times do i have to tell you. i need to pee

what the hell governor. this conservation plan is entirely wrong. nowhere do you talk about recycling the whales or drilling for tigers

follow this meathead




dont worry. after high school it get’s butter

why isn’t it butter for me? i can’t believe it’s not butter

you are still being margarinalized?

(via bongsniffer)

yes indeed this blog is a timeless work o fart

want to stay warm this winter? first. get that icicle out of you’r butt

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